Workshop: Orange County Business Environment Overview

CGCC-LA co-hosted a lunch workshop with Orange County Business Council(OCBC) to provide platforms facilitating further understanding on local business environment and for members to connect with the local business community.

International trade experts from OCBC, Orange County Center for International Trade Development, Irvine Chamber of Commerce, and Orange County Commercial Services of US Department of Commerce, introduced business environment and resources available to assist with the foreign investments from Federal, State, County and City level.

Great thanks to Lili Shi, Peishu Wang, Commercial Consuls of Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles; Steven Dai, CEO of International Vitamin Corporation (IVC), and all members who joined us! Special thanks to LT Global for the initial introduction.

OCBC Panel-1 OCBC Panel-3 OCBC Panel-11 OCBC Panel-13 OCBC Panel-24 OCBC Panel-19 OCBC25 OCBC